Anyone can pray for you when you need something but not everyone will be bold enough to speak to the mountain on your behalf. That's what Mark Shell Ministries is about, building a church that the gates of hell (a fallen mindset) cannot overcome. Thank God there are many powerful ministries that God has set in the earth to edify the Body and build them up in the most Holy faith. Mark Shell Ministries is a ministry for the people to whom God receives ALL the glory.

You must be very careful concerning the ones you travel with, in that you want integrity, honor and power to be at your side when things get tough. You want to covenant with someone who knows their destiny, their call, their spiritual authority and how to fight the GOOD FIGHT when it comes down to a battle. You want a lawyer that knows the law, a policeman who understands his weapons, a builder that lays a solid foundation; you need a ministry that has revelation knowledge and understanding of the believer's rights when you need your breakthrough.

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