Mark Shell Ministries is all about reaching souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in salvation, healing, deliverance and spiritually maturing in your walk with God. As you know we are all about people learning their identity, purpose and ministry in Christ.

The power of two and three not only establishes strength and is uneasily broken but it also allows each to share in the blessings endeavored by each party. We at the ministry believe in the power of covenanting for the purpose of maximizing one's potential. Just as Adam was not created to fulfill Eve's role, nor Eve created to fulfill Adam's, but one complimented the other. There are some things that some people were destined to do, while the opposite is the same, there are some things you can do that this ministry cannot. However, this is how covenant partners create a strong band uneasily broken in that the two shall become one.

This ministry goes places and ministers to people you may never see on this earth but eternity will testify if you had not done your part how could we have reached them with the GOOD NEWS.

We believe the law of the Word works in that "whatever two of you shall agree on."

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