What Mark Shell Ministries expects from you:

We know the power of prayer and the Spoken Word and we expect our partners to speak life into this ministry every time you think about us. We are doing what you cannot to people you do not know but with your support you receive the same spiritual credit. We are co-laborers in Christ, complimenting each other in our weaknesses so that the two have become ONE.

What you should expect from Mark Shell Ministries:

We believe partnership should be simple, uncomplicated and very relational. We are not a ministry that sends gifts in the mail for your support. We simply believe when people believe a message needs to be heard by all and they love the way that ministry build the Kingdom they support it without need of reward by mail.

What this ministry will do in this partnership is…

  1. This ministry will be available via internet, e-mail or mail anytime the gates are resisting and we will begin to intercede and speak "at the gates" on your behalf. Our greatest joy is to hear of your victories that God has helped you through. 
  2. To our partners we will provide a cd recording of the month of this ministry from select services anywhere in the country concerning a word in season. 
  3. All financial gifts to the ministry, other than purchases from the bookstore, will be a receipted tax deduction mailed to you by January 31 of each year.

Become A Partner