New website and more!

By Mark Shell on August 30, 2014 0 Comments

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce our brand new website, along with new social networks for Mark Shell Ministries. Please take some time to browse the new site, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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It’s Your Day

By Mark Shell on June 24, 2011 0 Comments

The Resurrection is a time of celebration! Not only did He rise from the grave but we rose with Him according to Paul. Jesus died as us not just for us. Therefore if we died with Him them we also live in the same celebration of a resurrected life...

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No Worries!

By Mark Shell on June 21, 2011 0 Comments

One thing you and I must realize is that we can’t always determine the battle we fight but we can determine the outcome. The struggle in life is not what we go through rather the struggle is to not worry when we go through it, Worry is the ...

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Finding Peace In The Storm

By Mark Shell on March 04, 2011 0 Comments

We were never promised by the Lord that storms would never come but we do have the promise all things will work together for our good according to our faith. That is the stipulation. Our faith is not based upon our goodness but His. If we invento...

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The Gift

By Mark Shell on December 09, 2010 0 Comments

Too often we just see Jesus as the gift given so that men can make heaven when they die but the Gift is so much more than that. You see.. the Gift the Father wanted mankind to recieve was the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the price paid to recieve the G...

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The Power of Expectation

By Mark Shell on October 19, 2010 0 Comments

Expectation is such a powerful force. It is literally faith in action. Whether positive or negative… it is still faith at work. Every day we have the opportunity to expect something different. What we expect is based upon what we perceive. ...

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Don’t Be Anxious

By Mark Shell on July 26, 2010 0 Comments

Anxiety is proof contentment has not been achieved. Paul said he learned to be content in whatever state he was in (Phil 4:11). It’s amazing… in the winter we can’t wait for the Spring. Spring comes with its rains and not too lo...

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Everyday is the day the Lord has made…

By Mark Shell on May 05, 2010 0 Comments

Let's make one thing very clear... God is good and He does not do anything evil to make people want to serve Him. The reality of good and evil is called "life". The Christian life is one of mountains and valleys. Being “saved” doesn&#...

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By Mark Shell on February 26, 2010 0 Comments

Too many of God’s people are living frustrated and questioning the Word, will and wisdom of God. This season we are in has the world shaking, worrying and wondering what’s next? There should be an amazing difference between the church...

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