It’s Your Day

By Mark Shell on June 24, 2011 0 Comment(s)

The Resurrection is a time of celebration! Not only did He rise from the grave but we rose with Him according to Paul. Jesus died as us not just for us. Therefore if we died with Him them we also live in the same celebration of a resurrected life. To live in this power just simply means what used to bury me, depress me, carry me away with thoughts of hopelessness now has no hold on me. I now have the right and the ability to live in the resurrection power which is to rise above in every area of my life. How about today you find something that has been overwhelming you and you make a decision I am alive again and this will not bury me in hopelessness or worry anymore. I am alive with Christ and have the power to hope again. How do you begin? Stop hanging out with the mourners and grievers of you situations and begin to listen to people who are looking for a better day. Enjoy life because of the resurrection. It’s your day too.