No Worries!

By Mark Shell on June 21, 2011 0 Comment(s)

One thing you and I must realize is that we can’t always determine the battle we fight but we can determine the outcome. The struggle in life is not what we go through rather the struggle is to not worry when we go through it, Worry is the ignition of stress. Stress produces confusion, illness, strife, pride, etc. Stress is proof we are trying to change something that is not in our control. Even though we have power and authority as believers we do not have that ability over other people… just ourselves. The power of the Holy Spirit is in you to control the flesh that wants to be in control of everything. Use you power as a believer to stand and declare that you will not worry because everything will turn out for your good no matter what it looks like today. The hardest thing about being a Christian is to submit your worries and trust the Word. Every day is an exercise to make yourself trust the Word of God’s favor on you and make up your mind you will not worry! Give it over to the Word and live stress free.