Jesus said this Gospel of the Kingdom is the message that should be preached to every creature. Many years ago Mark Shell Ministries magnified and broadened this message and began to take it to other nations where many more people needed to hear the message of peace, grace and authority.

In the United States we live in a very privileged society unlike many other nations around the world. Our mission at Mark Shell Ministries is to carry the Gospel that Jesus preached to people who are struggling financially, relationally, culturally as well as physically all around the globe. Success should not be only for a select society or nationality, success is for all who believe and accept the goodness of God through Jesus. We believe it is our responsibility to share the message of the work that Jesus did in His life and death with all creatures, in all nations. We know that as they understand who they are in Christ they will begin to rise in that authority then they will begin to command the earth as the Word teaches.

Peace, health and prosperity are the result of this message and we believe your support and this ministry’s message can change the world… one thought at a time.