Don't Ruin Your Life

Don't Ruin Your Life


This series is not only enlightening but very awakening to anyone whose life is being ruined in the process of attempting to help and witness to others. Another human is never our enemy rather the personality they choose to operate in is the thief that is assigned to kill, steal and destroy a sincere minded believer simply desiring to express the goodness of God. As you listen to these messages you will gain knowledge of these diverse personalities being used to ruin your life by stressing you and draining your peace and joy. It is well understood we are called to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ and this is rightfully so. I don’t ever recall being taught at what point it was okay to stop because your calling to that person has expired. These messages tell you just that. Get ready to LIVE AGAIN… and have NO GUILT doing it


  • Don't Ruin Your Life (Part 1)
  • Don't Ruin Your Life (Part 2)

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