Awakened To Love: The Journey from Beliefs to Awareness

Awakened To Love: The Journey from Beliefs to Awareness


Throughout history there have been many major spiritual awakenings. These awakenings all resulted in people pulling away from ritual and ceremony and made religion intensely personal by fostering a deep sense of spiritual awareness. Today’s awakening is repeating this same process. How do we awaken and realize what is already there? By thinking about it? By praying about it? How do you find your own center, or true self? The truth is, you don’t find your true self, it finds you. It is our hope that this book will encourage you in that journey of discovery as you Awaken to Love.

I highly recommend this book to those who are tired of doing the same things over and over, expecting different results (insanity), which always disappoints. Discover how to live the real life within, which releases the experience of I AM. This is a read that is certainly worth the time. It is absolutely 'cutting edge' and revolutionary in its approach to present truth! It will open the reader to an awareness of the “now,” which is so vital to spiritual understanding. The Scripture says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. Many people today have become discouraged and confused by futuristic thinking. “Awakened to Love” will help one to become aware of the reality that now, today, is the day of salvation. Enjoy the different layers of truth contained herein, and know that: Awareness is experience.
—Dr. Kay Fairchild

I must say that after reading "Awakened to Love," it spoke to me exactly at the place where I am now living. Many of us are moving forward in our journey on an accelerated pace to a full unveiling of all that the Father through the Son in the Spirit truly "is" within each of us. If you find yourself currently on this same journey, then "Awakened to Love" is going to really ring your bell. I highly recommend "Awakened to Love" for personal study, but I think it will have a special place in small-group study as well. Get a copy today and be ready to move your God-awareness to the next level.
—Dr. Don Keathley
President, Global Grace Seminary

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