I have had the joy of being in fellowship with him for over ten years now, since first being introduced to his ministry in both song and delivering the Word of God. He comes to Living Faith on an annual basis, and the congregation is always blessed by his anointed preaching. He has a special gift of ministering concerning the benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit that is so effective with our people, and always results with several being filled with the Spirit in those altar services.

As pastor, I am very aware of the responsibility of knowing who I allow to stand behind the podium representing both God and the standards of Living Faith. I do not allow just “anyone” to fill that position, but I would never hesitate in any way to give the platform to Brother Mark. He is very confident in his calling and in his walk with the Lord, yet humbled at the responsibility that comes along with that calling. His knowledge of the Word is very evident as he delivers the message to the people. I am honored not only to know him as a fellow minister, but as a friend.

Please feel free to call my office should you have any questions regarding this matter. May God bless you.