Message Flash Drive

Message Flash Drive


All the series you see listed are in one place on one flash drive for easy download to smart devices. Simply burn your own compact disk or enjoy in your car by plugging into your vehicle’s USB port. Over 150 sermons that will encourage, instruct and edify you as you listen.

Each series purchased separately would cost over $800, but for an unspecified limited time you can get all the series for $375 on one flash drive. It’s a $500+ savings to you but a $375 blessing to the ministry. The following series are included:

  1. A New Life Start
  2. Attitude
  3. Balancing Life
  4. Breaking The Daisy Cycle
  5. Christ In You
  6. Conquering Instability
  7. Discovering The Leader In You
  8. Discovering Your New Identity In Christ
  9. Fear Less
  10. Freedom
  11. Fundamentals Of Faith
  12. Getting Plugged In To Holy Ghost Power
  13. Grace
  14. Hero Manual
  15. How To Pray Effectively
  16. I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
  17. Intimacy The Key To Freedom
  18. It Is Finished
  19. Leadership 101
  20. Like Heaven On Earth
  21. Maximum Anointing
  22. Money Matters
  23. Offense - The Killer WIthin
  24. Overcoming Self Consciousness
  25. Radical Christianity
  26. Secret To Success
  27. The Art Of Witnessing
  28. The Believers Authority
  29. The Better Covenant
  30. The Conversation - Volume One
  31. The Conversation - Volume Two
  32. The Ghost Of Pentecost
  33. The Glorious Church
  34. The Keys To Power
  35. The Kingdom Life
  36. The Mind Of Christ
  37. The Power Of A Seed
  38. The Power Of Failure
  39. The Priestly Anointing
  40. The Promised Man
  41. The Seed
  42. The Sword Of The Lord And Gideon
  43. Think Higher
  44. Types and Shadows. Anti-Types and Realities.
  45. Understanding The Sovereignty Of God
  46. We Walk By Faith
  47. Welcome To Grace 101

All prices are a suggested donation amount.